For more than 25 years, Leaseguard has helped large organisations procure and manage specialist contracts to deliver best value and enhance control over the whole contract lifecycle.
1989 After a number of successful years in the leasing industry, Peter Mullin 'jumped ship' and started Leaseguard. The objective was to 'sit on the other side of the desk' and help lessees better negotiate with lessors, and better structure leases to reduce long-term cost. We were the world's first independent leasing consultancy. Clients included: The Prudential, Iceland Frozen Foods, Nuclear Electric, Dun & Bradstreet, Arjo Wiggins, American Express, Rank Hovis McDougall, Coopers & Lybrand, Hitachi.
1993 Leaseguard acquired its first client in the NHS - King's college Hospital. More than 20 years on and King's is still a Leaseguard client. Today Leaseguard is retained by more than 50 of the 160 Acute NHS Trusts in England.
1995 We embarked on our first major investment in IT, with the development and launch a sophisticated lease management system to support our Leasing Lifecycle service.
1999 We launched our first internet-based lease management system, Leaseguardonline, giving clients instant on-line access to their data and information. Leaseguardonline was amongst the earliest fully functioning internet- delivered business applications in the UK.
2001 Leaseguard committed to the ambitious development of OPTIMiSe - a system conceived not just as an information and data management tool, but as a system that would proactively drive activity and decision making. Today OPTIMiSe is the hub for the delivery of all our services, and a platform for the collaborative relationship we have with our clients. Since 2001 we have invested over £5M in OPTIMiSe, and we are committed to spending over £0.5M per a year continually developing and improving it to ensure it stays at the cutting edge of technology and functionality.
2005 Leaseguard takes the principles it has successfully applied to lease management, and diversifies into the procurement management of a range of other contracts. This was the birth of the Contract Lifecycle Service we deliver today. Initially we focused on Equipment Maintenance, but this quickly grew to encompasses a wide range of contracts that involve the delivery of services over time. We now mange over 7,000 contracts, with over 1,200 suppliers.
2012 We commence development of OPTIMiSe-SERVICE - a system to manage and police service delivery for critical contracts. The system is piloted successfully 2013, and is now successfully delivered as a managed service at a number of clients.
Today Leaseguard employ almost 60 staff - with almost 20% of these employed in IT development. Through the Leaseguard Academy we make an investment in the development and skills of our staff which we believe is unique in scope and commitment. We do this to make our staff fulfilled and happy, and our clients confident they are getting the very best. We have more than £500M of contracts under management, procure in excess of £100M of contracts annually and deliver £millions of savings every year to our clients.
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