Leaseguard were retained to manage the Trust's portfolio of maintenance and service contracts. The primary objective was to generate savings. Not only have they achieved this – over £900k total savings to date – they’ve also helped us improve governance and better manage supplier performance. We would not have achieved this level of success without the resource, systems and expertise Leaseguard provide

Shak Miah, Contract Manager
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard managed some unusual lease procurements for equipment to be used within our Abu Dhabi clinic. They managed suppliers across the globe and expectations with lessors within England. Leaseguard's support was invaluable.

Richard Miller Commercial Director
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I have been pleased with the results that Leaseguard has achieved on the negotiation of my contract. It is clear that the relationships they have with their suppliers gives them the bargaining power to agree the best deal possible offering the Trust some excellent savings.

Sarah Hayns, Head Clinical Vascular Scientist
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We choose to partner quite carefully as an organisation. We are quite picky and that's a good thing. We only want to work with people who will give us their A team and are there for the long term.

Ian Moston, Former Finance Director
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

The expertise and sense of urgency that Leaseguard demonstrated was impressive and, on the basis of this work, we have decided to retain Leaseguard long term.

David Poynton, Finance Director
Harrogate and District NHS
Foundation Trust

Serco has been working with Leaseguard at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust over the last two years to deliver significant financial and resource savings. Throughout that time we have found the whole Leaseguard approach to be most professional and thorough. Their focus, knowledge and expertise have delivered savings in some very complex areas of the Trust operation to the extent that we are now looking at extending the Leaseguard role to encompass additional procurement categories.

Mike Stone, Head of Procurement (Serco)
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In a recent negotiation, Leaseguard used its market knowledge to successfully negotiate a reduction in a secondary rental that generates a saving of more than £225,000. Leaseguard's quality service continues to add incredible value.

James Harkin, Category Manager Procurement
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

I would award ten out of ten for professionalism and commitment to each and every member of the Leaseguard team

Diane Sinclair, Procurement Manager Christie NHS Foundation Trust Foundation Trust

We have always valued Leaseguard's skills and expertise, but this particular deal underlines the value they deliver.

Barbara Milne, Technical Accountant
NHS Highland

Leaseguard's systems and expertise proved invaluable throughout the whole process.

Richard Hyde, Head of Investment and Capital Planning
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Working with Leaseguard must be a serious undertaking. They are not the kind of nameless, faceless consultants who make surface level recommendations and then leave before the real work begins. They know their stuff and can make intelligent conceptual leaps – they have more than the obvious in their repertoire. If there are savings to be had and you engage properly as a client, Leaseguard will tough it out with you and deliver them.

Alison Masterman, Environment and Infrastructure General Manager
Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard recently managed a tender exercise on behalf of CUH. By testing the market for alternative suppliers, they have improved upon the quality of the current service, generated significant savings and reduced administration by securing the contract over a longer term.

Dr Barbara Lloyd, Pathology
Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

Savings add up to £400,000 in the last three years. That is money we could not have released. We don't have the specialist knowledge. For example they have lift contracts across lots of other trusts and therefore have an ability to talk to big lift suppliers about whether they are going to come into a tender.

Nigel Myhill, Director of Facilities and Information
Northern Lincolnshire and
Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We had an awkward situation regarding equipment being retired early which was under a supplier maintenance contract. Leaseguard resolved the issue and secured the Trust a significant refund, despite the fact that Leaseguard are not engaged by the Trust for Lifecycle Maintenance Management.

John Rawcliffe, Procurement Manager
York NHS Foundation Trust

From the outset Leaseguard have proved that they bring strong technical and commercial expertise to this complex area. What has been equally impressive, however, is the level of support and commitment they have provided throughout the leasing process.

Andrew Ward, Capital Accountant
Highland Acute NHS Trust

We would not have got anywhere near the value Leaseguard are achieving. We have saved enormous amounts of money. Four or five years ago we would have been hard pressed to know how much we were spending on maintenance contracts. Now we can look up online absolutely everything that is under contract - what the status of the contract is, when it is going to be renewed and what it costs. It is indispensable.

Steve Williams, Head of Procurement
Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard approached this beds project with a different perspective, and showed us how we could save over £150k in maintenance costs alone. As well as delivering savings, our contracts are now better suited to meet our clinical needs.

John Yarnold, Director of Finance
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

I was very pleased with Leaseguard’s management of my contract renewal. Leaseguard undertook a thorough analysis of our ad hoc spend on the existing PM only contract and then researched the market to demonstrate that by changing to a more inclusive contract we would not only reduce our spend, but would reduce the risk of unexpected costs. It has resulted in a substantial saving.

Nick Hann, Estates Officer
Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust

Having received a lease quote from the manufacturer of beds we were acquiring, we discussed our requirements with Leaseguard. In addition to ensuring our lease procurement was fully compliant, Leaseguard was also able to source much more competitive rates. As a result, compared to the original quote, Leaseguard has helped us generate a saving of more than £40,000.

James Harkin Category Manager
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard recently managed the resale of one of our assets. They researched the market, obtained quotes from a range of suppliers and provided us a complete auditable breakdown of the options with a clear recommendation. Once we'd accepted Leaseguard's recommendation, they supported us to ensure the entire process was complete within the very short timescales. Thanks again.

Julian Soden, Portfolio Manager
King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust needed to implement a system which would actively manage procurements, drive activity and track performance: Optimise has enabled us to do this. Leaseguard helped the Trust implement this system properly - they trained users, set up initial procurements and – most importantly - listened to our feedback. The improvements we requested are reflected in Leaseguard’s new version of OPTIMiSe, which is more intuitive and user friendly, saving us time and effort. If you are considering how to streamline your procurement activity, utilising a dedicated system to manage and track activity will certainly help achieve this.

Stephanie Mulcahy Procurement Analyst
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard has helped transform the procurement and management of our maintenance contracts, reducing cost and at the same time giving us a level of control and compliance we didn’t think possible.

Sharon Cousins, Operational Procurement and
Systems Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

OPTIMiSe Performance has allowed us not only to see and maintain our compliance levels for our contracted services, but also enables Finance and Procurement to confirm completed works so that no invoices are paid without the visits being carried out. It also identifies which suppliers had missed or were late for visits to monitor contractor performance, and highlight were we could claim money back

Kev Pearson Assistant Director Environment & Infrastructure (Operations and Assurance)
Basildon & Thurrock University
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard's support didn't stop once the mini-competition was arranged. They provided a comprehensive analysis of the bids received and a clear recommendation. They also supported the internal process by providing both analysis against alternative funding options and guidance relating to the anticipated changes to accounting treatment. The level of expertise provided has been really valuable throughout the whole process.

Katrina Leighton Assistant Director of Finance
Southend University Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust

Leaseguard have recently secured a four year maintenance contract for various pieces of equipment in sterile services. The flexibility that the contract offers allows me to add and remove equipment to and from the contract throughout its life. This equipment has been without a maintenance contract for more than two years but, thanks to Leaseguard's persistence and intervention, I am happy to say this is no longer the case.

Rodney Wood Head of Sterile Services
Addenbrookes Hospital

Driving savings is critical for any NHS Trust today. Increasingly, when the quick wins have been delivered a more robust approach is required. Leaseguard brought resource, knowledge, skills and control to a difficult area of spend. They offered confidence to the clinicians, supporting them and us through the nerve wracking process of testing the markets, in areas that often remain with the OEM unchallenged. Working with Leaseguard ensures whole life costs are considered and the net benefit to the Trust reached over £1M.

Penny Hilton, Head of Procurement
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Of the 39 maintenance contracts that Leaseguard have renegotiated on our behalf, we have accepted 37 proposals, giving the Trust a saving of over £173,000. This was an excellent project, professionally conceived, resourced and delivered.

Steve Taylor Director of Facilities
Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust
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